Zuzana Dubová

Support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

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„The birth of your baby is an experience, which you will never forget. The role of the doula consists in ensuring that the birth becomes as positive and fulfilling an experience to remember.”

- Penny Simkin

About Me

My name is Zuzana and I was born in Prague in 1978. I am married and I have 3 kids (1 boy and 2 girls). I offer prenatal and postnatal classes/meetings and support during labour and delivery. I support women during their pregnancies and labours in different Prague hospitals as well as in hospitals outside of Prague in Central Bohemia. I have supported more than 100 women/couples so far and I will be happy to support you as well.


I am happy to offer support to English speaking parents, I find it very interesting and enriching. I have experience with clients from many different European countries as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, Brasil, Israel, India and China.
I find that it is quite stressful for foreigners living here in the Czech Republic to understand the Czech health system and to manage the delivery in the hospital without any English/Czech speaking support. I am very open to helping expecting parents from different countries in this exciting and in the same time difficult situation, especially if they don´t know the Czech language and have no family support. It is a pleasure for me to learn about other cultures while getting to know people from all over the world. I love hearing the different mother tongues when the babies are born and the parents speak their language (which I often don´t understand) or when the happy parents are calling their relatives around the world.

I offer mental, physical and emotional support during the whole pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I also do breastfeeding consulting and answer questions regarding health insurance, social security and residence. 


Services I Offer

Individual antenatal classes

Support during labour and delivery

Postpartum care + breastfeeding consultations



Prenatal classes and postpartum meetings

700 - 800 CZK/hour

The antenatal classes can take place either in the Family center Mumraj in Prague 9 (www.domumraje.cz) or online (700 CZK) or at the client´s place (800 CZK). The postpartum meeting is at the client´s home.

Labour package

10 000 CZK

 The fee for being on call is 4000 CZK and the support during labour is 6000 CZK.

The package includes being on call for 2 weeks before the due date and 2 weeks after, support during labour and delivery and one visit after the birth either at home or in the hospital

Travel services

10 CZK/km

When going to the hospital by car (usually at night or at the weekend) I charge for the car trip there and back


by agreement

I can offer a discount to students or peole in a difficult social situation

Booking the duedate

1000 CZK

Booking the doula for the duedate. The  doula takes maximum 3 women per month. 


Contact Me

+420 774 160 482


My clients come from different places around the world.